State Communications along with our FCC coordinator will research your location and determine all of your FCC requirements for your new or existing two way radio equipment. From portable radio to IP connect repeater systems, we will file, with your authorization, to have your location, properly license for the exact two way communications equipment being used.


Fast two way portable repairs are conducted in our state of the art repair facility with our factory trained technicians ensuring your radio will be repaired correctly the FIRST time.


State Communications will immediately respond to your on-site service needs. Our technicians will exam your existing repeater and or base station to determine the best and most cost efficient method to repair your system. Typically we provide a new or used replacement repeater that we have preprogramed to immediately place you back on line as to reduce and further down time with your critical two way communications and operations. Most of our customers appreciate the speed and efficiently of our technicians and overall service.


State Communications offer SERVICE CONTRACTS which take the worries out of the daily concerns of two way radio and repeater system working status. When you have any doubt about a portable rad, base station, or repeater, simply contact us for a free SAME DAY portable UPS label emailed to you or to schedule a service call for your repeater system. Will do the rest – headache free!

Warranty repairs are completed in our State-of-the-Art service center with factory trained technicians. State Communications guarantees a fast and thorough repair without the inconvenience of a recall or returned radio. All portable repairs are guaranteed for 30 days.